Cybersecurity and the Internet of things

IoT cyber security – Tips to secure IoT devices Internet of Things (IoT) devices make our lives more efficient and convenient.As more and more Internet-connected devices find their way into our homes and businesses, it’s important to remember that they represent a security risk. In general, Internet of Things devices have little inbuilt security, making […]


Some tips to minimize cyber risk during COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an ocean of challenges for businesses, worldwide. As days pass, the number of employees working remotely are increasing creating a greater hope for cybercriminals to exploit fears and resort to phishing and ransomware attacks. Increase in cyber attacks against hospitals and […]

Is Cybersecurity the number one threat for CEOs?

Cybersecurity threats are one of the major concerns faced by global leaders. These threats have been a significant problem for decades. Is cybersecurity the number one threat to the immediate future and top in global worries?  Some of the reasons for cyber-anxiety are well-known.There is, of course, the substantial financial risk associated with cybersecurity; in […]