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Security Testing

Are you concerned about security of your applications ?

We will find cracks in your apps before the hackers ruin it to the ground.

  • Web/iOS/Android security test
  • Black box testing
  • Automated & Manual testing
  • Get the reports on your email

Customizable Cyber Security Services and
solutions to protect organizations and users from cyber attacks.

Infilx detects faster, respond smarter, predict & prevent more threats, and we offer you a full-round shield to your business with effective defences to keep your business secure with an effective security solution.We help you to determine the level of effort required to compromise your sensitive data or IT infrastructure. Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them. Also provides fact-based risk analysis and recommendations for improvement.

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Security professionals

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Mobile application security testing

Discovers malicious and risky actions in your mobile applications, keeping your business and customers safe against attacks.

Web application penetration testing

Comprehensively evaluate critical web applications using multiple levels of access for web application security vulnerabilities.

Network penetration testing

Protect your network from internal and external threat actors & assess the adequacy of network security of the hosts and services.

Managed security service

Providing 24×7 superior monitored and managed security services to your business network perimeter.

IT security audit

Improve defenses with an IT security audit to evaluate your current security strategy and build a strong shield against cyber attack.

Cloud security assessment

Boosts the security of your cloud infrastructure by continuous monitoring & analysis and remediation to mitigate issues.

Take a deep dive into INFiLX ‘s threat protection system.

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